DTDC Frachise

DTDC Express Limited has grown from your next-door courier shop to a multinational logistics company. Today, DTDC is a one-stop store for all e-tail services, offering tailor-made solutions like marketplace listing, multi-vendor management, tech development, warehousing & fulfillment, cross-border solutions, last-mile delivery, reverse logistics management, sample showrooms, and more. We proudly operate India’s largest last-mile delivery network, which has made DTDC the preferred choice for strategic e-commerce trading partnerships, all across the globe. Exploring new fields and articulating all the factors to get an optimized solution is what separates DTDC from the rest. This way, there is no gap when it comes to reaching out to global customers. Now, no matter where the customer is, DTDC delivers.

DTDC Services

Cross Border Management

Cross-border services are not just about providing courier services boundaries. It’s about making use of professional e-commerce research to connect all the dots and link all the elements of the supply chain at competitive rates. What it results in is a customized set of logistical solutions.

Integrated Technology

For DTDC, technology forms the essence of all our service packages. We offer single-window frameworks to all e-commerce websites for product hosting. Our strong back-end software service allows optimal inventory management, channel management, and more.

Multi-Vendor Management

Managing e-tail distribution with multi-vendors can be one of the biggest hurdles to a successful business. It requires all network partners to assist each other in managing all the important elements of the distribution network. To facilitate this smoothly, DTDC’s fulfilment centres.

Last Mile

Our hard work & consistency is not just limited to getting the parcel delivered, but also delivering the happiness & emotional value that come with it. DTDC proudly owns the largest delivery network across India, and is recognized globally for its best-in-class worldwide parcel services.