Directors Messages

Srikant Kumar Mahapatra

(High skill qualified MBA with (Information Technology & Marketing) specialized professional both national and international corporate multisector platform work experience more than 15 years.)

The longest serving directors currently on board are Srikant Kumar Mahapatra and Rashmita Kumari Panigrahi who were appointed on 29 March, 2022. Srikant Kumar Mahapatra has the largest number of other directorships. The company is connected to other companies through its directors. With a lot of resellers sprouting up in the last passing years, Srikant has had to up his game. He has tackled the competition by ensuring her products are top quality. Along with that, he has given flexibility to her customers so if they want to return a product they can. Most importantly, he has given financial support to resellers by waiting for payment till the resellers get the money from the customers. “Sometimes they are not able to pay till they get the money from the customer so I give them that flexibility and that helps me kill the competition because people come back to me and appreciate the gesture.” Srikant is also proud of the team that he has built.